Realizing sustainable impact in Indonesian Healthcare

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IDBH Senso is a Dutch company founded by three entrepreneurs with Indonesian roots and experience in doing business in both countries

What we do

Knowledge Development

Knowledge development is one of the key success factors that contribute to further strengthening of the healthcare system in Indonesia. IDBH is offering support services for those stakeholders who want to learn more or intend to implement proven concepts and solutions into their own daily practise.

Community Development

We facilitate health community development by offering services that help local organizations to identify, design and implement interventions, using concepts and solutions which are applicable and affordable for everybody, especially for communities and villages in rural areas.

Health IT

To enable 260 million Indonesians to get full access to healthcare services, even in rural and border areas, IT is one of the solutions. We design, develop and deliver affordable IT solutions together with local solution providers and from the Netherlands, supported by our international technology partners.


Dedicated focus on improving
Healthcare in Indonesia!

Improving Healthcare through Knowledge Development

Indonesia being the largest archipelago with a population of over 260 million is one of the fastest growing countries today. With this development a solid healthcare infrastructure is required, especially when the current access to healthcare services is limited to mostly the urban areas only. The demand for affordable and mass healthcare solutions and services is growing rapidly while the current healthcare system cannot keep up with this growth. This is an opportunity for both foreign and local players. Knowledge development is one of the key success factors that contribute to strengthening the healthcare system. IDBH is offering support services for those stakeholders who want to learn more or intend to implement proven concepts and solutions into their own daily practice.

Senso Academy powered by 

At Senso Academy we specialize in improving the quality of staff in both public and private healthcare organizations by using the proven training programs from MeduProf-S. Taking the best from Dutch and European healthcare and education systems, MeduProf-s Training Programs provides education and training in custom made packages to healthcare providers around the world. All tailored to local requirements and demands.

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Proven concepts and local content

Training programs

We offer certified courses for medical staff in different disciplines by experienced trainers and proven training programs. Localization is the key! Our courses will be tailored for the need of your organization. We aim for sustainable results and expanding the knowledge to all levels.

Community solutions

Affordable health solutions by improving the community capabilities in providing the basic health support. With our solutions partners we develop and implement tailored concepts in communities through out Indonesia.

IT solutions

More than 17000 islands and challenging areas, eHealth will have a major impact on strenghtening the Indonesian healthcare system. We are not rediscovering the wheels, but we combine and implement a mix of existing concepts and products to deliver the right solutions that are affordable and with the highest value.

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How can we contribute solving your Healthcare challenges in Indonesia?

Task Force Health Care

IDBH is a member of the Task Force Health Care

Task Force Health Care (TFHC) has been representing the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector since 1996. The various TFHC Platforms consist of partners from industry, knowledge institutes, NGO’s, healthcare providers and the government, all active in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector. These partners provide innovative and sustainable solutions to global (and local) healthcare challenges and are active all over the world. In the last decade TFHC visited and maintained relationships with more than 30 countries and created a sustainable & special focus on: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East.

More than 260 million people need access to proper healthcare!

About us

Social Enterprise

IDBH Senso BV (2018), stands for Indonesian Dutch Business House Social Enterprise Solutions (IDBH), a Dutch company founded by three experienced entrepreneurs with their roots in Indonesia. IDBH has a dedicated focus on doing business in and with Indonesia, always in collaboration with local partners from both sides. Our objective is to realize sustainable impact by delivering Healthcare services and solutions in three focus areas: knowledge development, community development and Health IT. In our positioning we fulfill a bridging role between the Netherlands and Indonesia in addressing Indonesian care challenges and to subsequently fulfill an intermediary role. Depending on the challenge and related scope, we act as project developer, project integrator or solution provider.

Roots and local experience

We combine our local presence in Indonesia and strong international network with extensive knowledge and experience in doing business and establishing partnerships between Indonesia and the Netherlands. We are passionate in driving the business and cultural relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands to the next level. Through our services, products and partnerships we engage with our customers and local partners in projects and programs to realize long-term impact, and become a trusted partner in the Indonesian Dutch business arena. Our ambition for the future is to also broaden our scope to other sectors in Indonesia.

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